First4Figures Spyro The Dragon Figure Review

First4Figures Spyro The Dragon Figure
first4figures spyro

First4Figures, a renowned creator of high-quality gaming memorabilia, has once again captured the essence of beloved video game characters with their release of the Spyro collectable figure. This piece is designed to cater to avid Spyro fans and collectors alike, with a focus on delivering an exacting representation of the iconic purple dragon, known for his vibrant colours, adventurous spirit, and signature smirk.

This Spyro figure manages to catch the eye immediately with its bright, vivacious colours. The purple, yellow, and orange hues encapsulate the energetic personality of Spyro that fans have loved since his first appearance on the PlayStation in the late ’90s. First4Figures has done an impeccable job ensuring the colouring is clean and evenly applied with no visible paint seepage over the lines, an issue often plaguing similar collectables.

spyro closeup

The moulding is flawless as well, with plastic work showing no visible seams, giving the figure a sleek and finished appearance that adds to its overall appeal. This seamless construction amplifies the visual aesthetics of the figure and affirms its premium positioning.

As for the representation of Spyro himself, the likeness is simply uncanny. The pose and facial expression captured by First4Figures are incredibly accurate, from his playful smirk to the defiantly raised wings, staying true to the dragon’s spirited nature as seen in the video games. It’s clear that the manufacturers have poured their knowledge and appreciation of the character into the production of this piece.

However, even the most exceptional products have room for improvement, and with the Spyro figure, it comes down to the detail of the scales on Spyro’s body. One of the essential traits of our beloved dragon, the scales, seem to lack the necessary depth and detail, appearing somewhat worn and smoothed over. Considering First4Figures’ reputation for meticulous attention to detail, this is a somewhat disappointing aspect of an otherwise outstanding collectable.

first4figures spyro scales close up


The First4Figures Spyro collectible figure is a visually striking piece that offers an accurate and vibrant representation of the beloved video game character. Despite the disappointment with the lack of scale detail, the figure's clean coloring, lack of visible seams, and the incredible likeness to the character still make it a valuable addition to any collector's set.
  • Accurate representation of the character Spyro from the video games
  • Vibrant and clean colors
  • No visible seams or paint going over the lines
  • The pose, facial expression, and body details are incredibly accurate to Spyro
  • Detail of the scales on Spyro's body is disappointing, appearing worn over time