What is the art style used in the GTA games loading screens?


The loading screens for GTA games and any opening montages have a fairly unique art style. The box art often uses it too. It’s kinda like the tv series archer. Is there a name for it?

What is the art style used in the GTA games loading screens
Grand Theft Auto V

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SteveSickle89 -

The art style used in the opening sequences of the Grand Theft Auto series is often described as a blend of Pop Art and Neo-noir.

Pop Art, originated in the mid-1950s, is a modern art style that utilizes imagery and themes from popular culture, including comics, advertising, and news. In the case of GTA, the series uses heavily stylized and exaggerated versions of character models and scenes from the game itself. This is evident in the bold colors, comic-like graphics, and occasionally satirical or subversive take on cultural themes.

Neo-noir, on the other hand, is a contemporary form of the classic film noir genre from the mid 20th century. The term itself translates to “new-black” and is indicative of the genre’s signature dark, brooding aesthetics and themes of crime and moral ambiguity. The GTA series’ opening slides often incorporate elements of this style in their high-contrast images, morally ambiguous characters, and gritty urban settings.

In combination, these two art styles serve to establish the game’s unique aesthetic and narrative tone, which is simultaneously vibrant and engaging, yet dark and fraught with criminal undertones. The blend also represents the game’s themes of glorified criminal lifestyle, satire on American culture, and the dark humor that the series is known for.

SteveSickle89 -

It’s a combination of digital painting and photomontage. The images are created by taking photographs of real-life locations and then digitally painting over them to create this stylized look.

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