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What would a question and answers section be without a general section. Pretty much anything can go here if there are no categories they fit what you are asking. So long as your question is related to gaming, you can try seek help here.


Is there a name for the art style that is used in the opening sequence or the loading screens of GTA games?

What is the point in the guy who is holding up the signs all the time? The rewards are not great, is there any reason to keep doing them?

How likely is it that we will see Destiny 2 Lightfall on sale before it officially launches?

How do you download the remastered version of blood dragon that comes with the far cry 6 season pass?

What is the name of the song that is played during the first cinematic video in Outriders?

Does astroneer have local multiplayer that allows multiple players to play together on the same machine on the same planet just like it was an online multiplayer game?

What is the name of the metal song playing in the afterlife bar with everything burns in the chorus?

Is it possible to save a screenshot at a lower resolution than what is currently being displayed on the TV?

Is the new horizon game going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5?

Is there any secret cut scene at the end of the game after the credits finish rolling or can you quit out?