Is Days Gone The Same as State of Decay?


Are the gameplay elements in Days Gone the same as State of Decay? Will I need to spend the game worrying about whether I have enough of the basic supplies to survive or is going to be more like an RPG where you are rewarded for exploring, but you don’t need to spend hours doing it just to survive?

Is Days Gone The Same as State of Decay
Days Gone

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GuacamoleFantastic -

As far as I know, they are not going to be the same type of game. You will not have to spend time worrying about keeping people alive with food and other rare resources. The survival elements of the game will be more along the lines of the last of us. You will need to scavenge to find supplies but the game isn’t out to kill you. I havn’t played it yet though, so I am only basing this from what I have seen.

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