How Do You Enter The Floor Trap Builder?


I press pscircle to trigger the builder and it immediately gets set to building a wall. I can see the floor trap icon on the far right with the pssquare button above it, but whenever I press it, the game just opens up a menu to modify the wall I am about to build. I dont want to build a wall, I want to build a floor trap. Sometimes If i open the menu really quick it shows the option to build a floor trap, but it usually vanishes before I get the chance to actually build it. What is the correct way of doing this because I can’t figure it out

How Do You Enter The Floor Trap Builder

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1 Answer

SteveSickle89 -

This part definitely seems a bit glitchy. There is most definitely a nack to it, but I have found that if you look at the ground and try to aim directly in the middle of a square, it will display the option to place a trap with square. If you hold square it will also bring up the list of traps and from here you can pick the one you want (even if it is the one that was already equipped). This should trigger the trap building menu. 

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