Gathering Resources In Fortnite

Gathering Resources is a key component to Fortnite and it is something you will spend a lot of time doing. If you spend your time smashing cars and trees you will quickly end up with 999 of the main 3 resources and no other valuable ingredients. Stone, wood and metal are the 3 primary resources and they are all very easy to find, so don’t waste time hunting for these. Here are some things to know about gathering resources that will greatly help your resource hunting in Fortnite.

1) Hit The Sweet Spot

When you are hammering away at any destructible object, there is a sweet spot marker. Hitting this marker will cause you to do double damage. For most people, you will do 25 damage per hit, but if you hit the sweet spot, you do 50 damage. It is pretty easy to hit the sweet spot, so go for it all the time. It makes destroying objects so much faster and easier. The image below shows what the icon looks like. See the blue circle with the orange dot in the middle. Aim your cursor at this and you will do double damage.

Resource Mining Sweet Spot

2) Investigate Caves

Caves contain natural resources in the form of ores. If you see a cave or even better a mine shaft, run down and you will likely see some fairly rare resources on the walls as ore. Quartz ore is often found in these caves. Below are some examples of the ores that you can find in the caves in Fortnite.

Quartz Ore

Fortnite Coal

Fortnite Ore

3) Special Containers

There are a lot of things that can be searched such as cupboards, boxes and plants, but there are also a lot of special containers. Treasure chests are one type of special container, but there are also more regular types of containers that contain special items. For example, weapon containers, toolboxes and other real world containers that common sense might suggest contain something more unique. When you are looking at the schematics for weapons, particularly the rare ones the description next to the ingredient will often say where to find them. Most of the rarer ingredients are found in the special containers. Normally in places where you find survivors, there will be a couple of special containers to loot. The toolbox is a small and hard to find container that can often have some decent crafting components inside of it. The images below will show the types of containers that I am talking about. I always loot these before looting something like a fridge or a couch.

Fortnite Toolbox Special Container

Suitcase Container

4) Use An Outlander Hero Type

Outlanders are sort of labeled as the scavenger type to begin with. This is also true of their in game ability. You are more likely to find rare components and higher amounts of them while using this hero type. I can confirm that I did see a good increase in loot when i switched over to an outlander hero.

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