Hellblade door won't open after solving letter puzzle


I am on the way to the fire guy having already defeated the crow. I got the first puzzle gate where I needed to find 2 letters, one looked like a Y and the other like a H. I did this and went to the gate that turned blue. The guy narrating said the door was open but when I walk over to it the gate is locked and I can’t get through. 

Hellblade door wont open after solving letter puzzle
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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GuacamoleFantastic -

Managed to figure it out. Definitely a bug. I tried reloading the game, collecting the N and Y in different orders but she still wouldn’t open the door. Turns out you need to stand in a very specific location before you can make her interact with the door.

Stand a distance away from the door. Make sure you are standing in the exact middle between both doors. As you walk toward the door start mashing the action button. This is square on the PlayStation 4. If you walk slow enough she will evwntevent interact with the door and open it.


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