Waterfall puzzle with torch and brazier


I have lit a brazier to cast one half of a shadow. I can see the brazier on the other side but the door is blocked by a waterfall. This puts out the torch she I try to walk through. I have tried to sneak through the gao in the water but I always fail. How do you get passed this waterfall to light the torch on the other side?

Waterfall puzzle with torch and brazier
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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NukeZer0 -

It is not possible to get the torch under the waterfall without it going out. Light the torch and head back the way you came. You will see the ledge on the top right and to the left is a tunnel. You will find a torch down here that you can light along with a bridge. Once it is lit go back to the waterfall and make a run for it. You will make it to the torch on time and be able to relight your hand torch to create the second shadow further up.

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