Far, Far Away... Trophy Glitch With Rocket League


The game doesnt seem to be correctly recording the distance that has been traveled at all. In fact it seems completely wrong and no matter how much time I spend playing Rocket League, the distance travelled on any particular set of car wheels, doesn’t seem to be going up. I’m guessing there is a glitch with the way the game tracks the distance that the player has travelled, but there are also people on my friends list who have this trophy, so it doesn’t look like the trophy is completely broken. What can be done to fix the bug with the Far, Far Away trophy for Rocket League on PS4?

Far Far Away... Trophy Glitch With Rocket League
Rocket League

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1 Answer

Dan -

I have detailed this bug in the trophy guide that was published for this game. The trophy is in fact glitched and quite badly it seems. For some people, the trophy unlockes far too soon and for others it takes much longer. When i played, I only travelled 90km, or at least the game only recorded me travelling this distance. I am sure i went much further than this. If you have already changed wheels, then the glitch can’t be avoided, it has already been triggered. All you can do now is keep driving and driving and it will unlock eventually, but there is no way of telling how long that will be. 

Make sure to keep the same wheels on your car and you can try sticking the analog stick to the side and sticking down the accelerate button and just leave the game play away on its own. The trophy will eventually unlock this way. The trophy guide for Rocket League will tell you more about getting the Far, Far away trophy https://nerdburglars.net/viewtrophy/far-far-away4

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