Do Cheats Affect Trophies On GTA 3 For The PS4?


If I use any of the cheats will it prevent me from being able to unlock any of the trophies in the game?

Do Cheats Affect Trophies On GTA 3 For The PS4
Grand Theft Auto III

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1 Answer

LeonDB40 -

Most of the time this is true, but strangely enough, you can use cheats in Grand Theft Auto 3 and it does not stop trophies from being unlocked.

This means you can spawn a rhino if you are having a hard time with a car mission, give yourself guns or health during a tough mission and it will not block any of the game’s trophies.

This has been tested several times. I was personally able to perform the money cheat and I got the trophy for getting $1 million.

Cheats can have an effect on your total criminal rating, so use them sparingly if you have yet to get this trophy and intend on going for the platinum.

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