Missing 2 entries from the Book of Gallowmere


I have completed the game and I am going back to get all of the lost souls. I am missing two entries from the book of Gallowmere that are preventing me from getting the Morten Would Be Proud trophy. Anyone have any idea what I might be missing? I have all chalices and all levels complete so I don’t see what I could have missed.

Missing 2 entries from the Book of Gallowmere

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locknloaded -

If you have yet to collect all of the lost souls then this is going to be one record accounted for. The level where you freeze the water and jump into it. You use a soul down here to spawn a rat enemy and this is one entry into the book of Gallowmere. 

As for the second, it may be related to the “that’s just mean” trophy where you have to kill one of the hands in the graveyard level. They do no harm to you and you need to use a hammer to kill one so you may have missed it.

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