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Fallen angels are angels from heaven who defied got and were cast out of heaven. They are often depicted as a darker colour when compared to their angelic counterparts who have gleaming white plumage. This fallen angel name generator will help you come up with a list of name ideas you can use for fallen angels in stories.

Generally speaking, there is no major difference between dark angel names and standard angel names. The names suggested from this tool are based on known fallen angels from past literature. If you would like to write something more unique and just want to come up with your own angel and make him/her a fallen angel, you should check out this angel name generator to give you a huge range of suggestions for male and female angels.

Since the history of fallen angels has generally been more male orientated, this particular list of fallen angel names, may not work well for modern-day storytelling now that we generally see angels as being female. This female angel name generator will solve this problem for you if you want to come up with something completely unique for your own use.

To get started with generating some names for fallen angels, start clicking the button below and it will give you a list of different names. If you have some good name suggestions that this tool is not providing, feel free to leave a comment below and I can get them added to the tool.

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Female Fallen Angel Names

Stories around fallen angels were quite common in the past. Bible stories and other fictional stories from centuries ago are our primary sources of these stories. Back in these days, women were generally considered inferior and angels were more often than not, male. We live in a much more equal time now and due to the more gentle nature of angels, people tend to visualise angels as female.

The generator above will give you some name lists that are generally best suited to men as it is drawing all of its data from historic writing. If you want to write a story about a female fallen angel you can check out our regular angel name generator tool. This tool will let you generate a huge collection of female names that you can easily turn into female fallen angels.

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