Biblical Demon Name Generator

Biblical Demon Name Generator

Heaven and hell are core components of Christianity. The everlasting fight between good and evil. Hell has its share of demons and in fiction, religious-based evil can be some of the scariest. If you are working on a story this page will provide you with a biblical demon name generator. This tool will give you a large selection of religious demon names.

Latin is a language that plays a heavy role in Christian and Catholic teachings. To make these holy demon names sound a little more convincing, a large amount of them will make use of Latin. The translations may be a little loose but they often sound awesome.

Some of the evilest demons are those that were once part of religious faith. Taking the biblical demon name ideas that this tool generates for you and putting Bishop or Cardinal in front can often make them sound a lot scarier and fitting of a holy, religion-inspired horror.


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Biblical Demon Name Ideas

Here are a few good names that this tool has generated. I have provided some lose translations to English to give you an idea of how fitting some of these names could be.

  • Perdere Evangelii – Gospel Destroyer/Waster
  • Tenebris Dominus – Dark Lord
  • Sacerdos Sanguinem – Blood priest
  • Episcopus Mortem – Death Bishop
  • The Edaxanimae – Soul Eater
  • Episcopus immortuos – The Undead Bishop

If you want to make the names sound even more holy, put the rank of a member of a religious order in front of them. Using Catholocism as an example, the names above could be turned into dark members of the clergy by simply using their title.

  • Cardinal Perdere – Cardinal Destroyer
  • Cardinal Tenebris  – The Dark Cardinal
  • Bishop Sanguinem – Blood Bishop
  • Cardinal Edaxanimae – Cardinal Soul Eater
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