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angel name generator

Angels are depicted in many areas of religion and fiction. Human-like in appearance with large wings with shining white plumage. In a religious setting, angels are seen as gods direct messengers that serve in heaven. In more fictitious settings such as books, movies and video games, they are often portrayed differently. This page contains an angel name generator that will help you give a large number of different name suggestions to use for angels.

Angel names are often based on older names from Hebrew, Latin and other old languages. The names are still used occasionally but you will find that most of the angel name ideas here are going to be names you do not find very often in the day to day life.

Most people are going to be very familiar with the visual aspect of angels. Shining bright light as they decent from the clouds above. Peaceful voices out to do good. In works of fiction, however, the gates really do open for you to portray an angel in any manner you wish. We see many works of a more dark and evil setting where angels are far from good. These are more often known as fallen angels in biblical settings. You can find some more help with dark angel names here.

To get started with a list of angel names, start clicking the button below. It will give you a selection of angel names. Since angels do not normally have surnames, you can provide a name of your own in the box below and it will append it to the angel name suggests that you can put directly into your family tree.

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Do Angels Have Last Names?

In our normal world, we use last names or surnames as a way to identify the family that we have come from. Angels are all created by God and since they do not reproduce, angels tend not to have family structures in the way that humans do. They are all part of the one family which makes a surname redundant.

We do not have much fiction that tackles the subject of angel surnames. We can assume that duplicate names may result in roman numerals being appended to the end in a similar way that they do with kings and queens. If you have any thoughts on angel surnames, please drop a comment below.

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