PS3 Super Slim Power Consumption

    Hardware revisions are very common with video game consoles. The PlayStation was quite unique in that it had 3 hardware revision. This post is about the third and final revision which is often referred to as the super slim. Read more to find out how much power this console consumed.

    How Much Energy Does The PS3 Super Slim Consume

    To test the power consumption of the super slim PlayStation 3, I ran two tests to see what different factors influenced the consumption. I didn’t expect this to use much more than the PS3 slim but it was worth the test anyway.

    Test 1: Main Menu

    While in the main menu, with no game running the console consumed around 70 watts of electricity. This is very slightly lower than what I had recorded for the Slim PS3, but not enough to make this seem like the super green alternative like we saw between the Phat console and the first slim.

    ps3 super slim power consumption in game
    While in the main menu, the PS3 super slim was consuming 70 watts of electricity

    Test 2: In Game

    Even though the wattage meter was telling me 76, it was hard to understand how it only inceased by 6 watts from the main menu. This is a significant difference from what we saw in the slim.

    in game power consumption of the ps3 super slim
    The power consumption in game did not jump very high at all with it only rising 6 watts
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