Game System Power Consumption

power consumption of game consoles

In a world of ever growing concern over our carbon footprint, we need to ensure that everything we do is energy efficient. Gaming is no exception to this. Knowing how much power your gaming systems produce is key in helping you figure out what the most energy efficient method of gaming you can take part in.

Measuring the power consumption of any hardware device like a game console or Pc is difficult as they will consume power based on the work they are doing. It is a bit like a car. If you are driving slowly down the road vs speeding down the highway will consume different amounts of fuel.

To make this as easy as possible, I have tried to measure each of the gaming systems under different circumstances in order to get a decent average of the power consumption of game consoles. Under heavy load with an advanced game will always consume more power than when the system is sitting idle in the main menu.

So for those looking to save on their electricity bills or are just curious as to how much power they use when they are gaming, this guide will explain it all for you. Click on the system that is relevant to you and it will bring you to the power consumption breakdown for the system.

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