How To Fully Take Apart A Fat PS3

    The Fat or Phat PS3 was the first model of Playstation 3 that was released. This system is the most dust-prone of all PS3 models and if you want to keep this system from getting the YLOD you should make sure that it is free of dust. If you are looking to clean the dust from your PS3 or have some other reason to take it apart, this video guide will show you how to fully take apart a fat PS3.

    Due to the design of this PS3, you need to be extra careful when taking it apart. If you are too rough you can end up causing the YLOD. This model of PS3 has a lot of weak solders that have the potential to break away from the motherboard. This is what causes the YLOD. If you are too rough when taking apart the layers of this system you can end up breaking these solders so it is very important you take it slow and be gentle.

    You should use a cloth that is 1 solid color to keep all of your screws on as you take the system apart. This way you can keep track of them all and prevent them from rolling ooff the desk that you are working on.

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