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PS4 Error NW-31201-7 Cause & Fix

If you get the PS4 error NW-31201-7 it means there is some kind of network issue that is preventing you from being able to access the Playstation Network. This is a vague issue and like any network issue, they can be difficult to give a one size fits all solution for, but chances are, your issue is caused by one of the items below.

  • PSN is down
  • Your home network is down.
  • Something is interfiering with your PS4s wifi connection.
  • There is a lot of network traffic causing your PS4 to think it is down

How To Fix Error NW-31201-7

As i mentioned above network issues can be very hard to fix without knowing the individuals specific problem. I will attempt to give my best possible answers on what you can do as a checklist to see what is wrong.

  1. It is unlikely that PSN is down, but it is worth checking the website or Twitter page to see if they have announced any network outages.
  2. Check your home network. Are you able to access the internet using other devices? For example, can you access a website on your laptop that is connected to the home wifi?
  3. If the wifi is working fine for other devices, try restarting the PS4.
  4. If restarting the PS4 didn't work, check to see if there is something else in the house that is using a lot of the bandwidth on your network. Someone who is downloading games or streaming HD video could cause a slow network connection to fall down.
  5. Restart your router. The PS4 seems a little more sensitive to network issues compared to other devices. A router restart might resolve the issue. Restarting the PS4 might also be a good idea when the router has restarted.
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