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PS4 Error CE-32930-7 Cause & Fix

This is a perfect example of an error message that does absolutely nothing to explain what is wrong. The PS4 error code CE-32930-7, is an error that will likely show up as a result of trying to launch a game. Thankfully, this one isn't complicated to fix, but if you have a slow internet connection, it might be a major pain in the ass.

How To Fix Error CE-32930-7

This error code means that the content on your PlayStation has likely gotten corrupted somehow. Be it from not shutting down correctly or some other means. Either way, the content on the PS4 has become unusable and must be reinstalled. It is worth noting that this can happen to a disc game as well as a digital game.

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Digital Game - Delete the game from the PS4. Go to the PS store and download the game again. Once installed the game will launch and the error will have gone away.

Disc/Blu Ray Game - Don't worry, the disc isn't broken. The content installed to the PS4 is. Delete the game from the PS4. Insert the game disc into the PS4 and install the game again. Once the install is complete, the game should play.

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