The Smell of the Grease Paint Stranger Mission

The Smell of the Grease Paint

“The Smell of the Grease Paint” is a humorous and entertaining stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 that introduces players to a travelling circus troupe in need of assistance. This informative guide will provide an overview of the mission, its objectives, and tips to help you successfully track down the missing performers and revel in the absurdity of this delightful side quest.

Mission Background

The mission begins when Arthur Morgan encounters Miss Marjorie, the leader of a traveling circus troupe, and her assistant Bertram in the Van Horn Trading Post. The troupe has lost some of its performers, and Arthur is tasked with finding and returning them to the group. The missing performers include a “zebra” (a painted mule), a lion (which is unexpectedly real), and a “tiger” (a surprisingly aggressive house cat). The mission is filled with lighthearted humor and offers a refreshing break from the game’s more serious moments.

Mission Objectives

“The Smell of the Grease Paint” consists of several objectives that involve tracking down and returning the missing performers to Miss Marjorie. Here is a summary of the objectives:

  1. Speak with Miss Marjorie and Bertram in the Van Horn Trading Post to initiate the mission.
  2. Locate and retrieve the “zebra,” “lion,” and “tiger” performers by following the clues and directions provided by Miss Marjorie.

Finding the “Zebra”

  • Head to the location marked on your map, which is southwest of Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Locate the “zebra” (the painted mule) and lasso it.
  • Calm the mule and lead it back to the circus wagon.

Finding the Lion

  • Travel to the next location marked on your map, which is southwest of Emerald Ranch.
  • Investigate the area and discover that the lion has escaped from its cage.
  • Track the lion to a nearby barn, where it has cornered a farmer.
  • Deal with the lion (either by killing it or using a more non-lethal approach) and return to the circus wagon.

Finding the “Tiger”

  • Proceed to the final location marked on your map, which is in the town of Rhodes.
  • Locate the “tiger” (the aggressive house cat) and carefully approach it.
  • Capture the “tiger” and return it to the circus wagon.
  1. Once all the performers have been returned, speak with Miss Marjorie to complete the mission.

Tips for Completing the Mission

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth completion of “The Smell of the Grease Paint”:

  • Approach the “zebra” and “tiger” performers with caution to avoid spooking them and making the task more difficult.
  • When dealing with the lion, consider using a non-lethal approach, such as firing a warning shot or using a lasso, to avoid harming the valuable performer.
  • Be prepared for some unexpected surprises, as the mission is filled with humorous twists and turns.

Rewards and Mission Completion

Upon completing “The Smell of the Grease Paint,” players will be rewarded with a small monetary sum and a unique experience filled with humor and absurdity. The mission provides a welcome change of pace from the more serious moments in Red Dead Redemption 2 and offers players an entertaining adventure with a memorable cast of characters. If you are stuck for cash, this guide will give you some good steps on earning money quick in RDR2.

“The Smell of the Grease Paint” is a delightful and amusing stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 that invites players to assist a struggling circus troupe and embark on a whimsical quest to track down their missing performers. By following this informative guide, you will be well-equipped to navigate the mission’s objectives and successfully complete this entertaining escapade.

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