Surviving the Deathtrap Room

Deathtrap Room in Resident Evil Remastered

In Resident Evil Remastered, the deathtrap room contains a statue of a knight that has a shield with lots of spikes on it. You will find a key on a stone slab and when you pick it up, the walls will close in around you and the knight statue will start coming down the hall, with the spikes and blades spinning from its shield. Putting the key back down will stop the knight from killing you but you need this key to progress. This guide will take you through the steps necessary to survive the deathtrap room and obtain the Armor Key.


Before you attempt the deathtrap room, ensure you have:

  1. Obtained the Imitation Armor Key: Found within the Dog Collar, inspect the “Coin” that’s revealed after you press the hidden switch on the collar. The Coin will flip out into the shape of the Imitation Armor Key.
  2. Enough inventory space: It’s crucial to have at least one open slot in your inventory to pick up the real Armor Key.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the deathtrap room: The deathtrap room is located on the east side of the mansion’s second floor, with the room’s door locked by the Sword Key. Unlock the door and enter the Art Gallery.
  2. Examine the room: Upon entering the Art Gallery, you’ll see a room with various paintings. In the back of the room, there’s an old metallic door that leads to the deathtrap room.
  3. Enter the deathtrap room: Open the metallic door to find a small room with a pedestal holding the real Armor Key. Bear in mind that taking this key without caution will trigger the deathtrap, causing the ceiling to descend and ultimately crush you.
  4. Replace the Armor Key wisely: Approach the pedestal with the Imitation Armor Key readily available in your inventory. Pick up the real Armor Key and promptly use the Imitation Armor Key to replace it. This will deactivate the trap and the ceiling will stop descending.
  5. Exit safely: With the trap successfully deactivated and the real Armor Key in your possession, exit the deathtrap room and the Art Gallery.

Congratulations! You have now successfully survived the deathtrap room in Resident Evil Remastered and obtained the Armor Key, which will grant you access to several important areas within the mansion. Proceed with caution and continue unraveling the mysteries of this survival-horror classic. Good luck!

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