An Essential Guide to Managing Game Saves (Ink Ribbons)

Resident Evil Remastered: An Essential Guide to Managing Game Saves

In the harrowing world of Resident Evil Remastered, danger lurks at every corner, and the line between life and (a mostly gruesome) death is often razor-thin. Knowing when and how to save your game properly could be the difference between sweet survival and an hour of replaying your last terrifying steps.

The catch, however, is that saving isn’t as simple as pressing a button. The game requires good ol’ ink ribbons to jot down your progress, and each of these occupies a precious slot in your all-too-limited inventory. So, how do you juggle the need to save with your desperate need for inventory space? This guide promises a way out of this intriguing conundrum.

Tips to Manage Game Saves in Resident Evil Remastered

Tip 1: Limit Your Saves But Stay Reasonable

Ink ribbons are a limited resource around the mansion, and they also fill up space in your inventory. Therefore, it’s important to ration your saves and use them when you’ve made significant progress or before key events. However, remember that not saving enough can be a gamble, as dying without a recent save means replaying a painful stretch of the game.

Tip 2: Know When to Carry the Ink Ribbon

Ink ribbons don’t need to be in your inventory at all times. Be aware of where the typewriters (save points) are and only carry an ink ribbon when you’re planning to pass by one. During other times, leave them in the storage box to free up your inventory.

Tip 3: Be Strategic With Your Inventory

Try to plan your routes through the mansion in a way that allows you to cross paths with a save point after significant moves. This might involve triggering events, solving puzzles, or bagging important items. This way, you’ll make the most out of each save while keeping precious inventory space free for as long as possible.

Tip 4: Utilize The Storage Boxes

The storage boxes scattered around the mansion are a lifesaver – use them! They can store your extra ammo, herbs, keys, and indeed, those precious ink ribbons. They are essential for managing your inventory, and since all storage boxes are interlinked, you can deposit an item in one location and withdraw it from another.

Tip 5: Combine Save Points with Health & Ammo Checkpoints

By planning your savings to coincide with your trips to storage boxes (where your health and ammo stashes lie), you save time and conserve resources. After a big fight or exploration, it makes sense to heal, stock up, and save the game.

Tip 6: Get to Know The Layout

The more familiar you are with the mansion’s layout, the more efficient you’ll be at planning your journeys and managing your resources. Mastery of the mansion will save you from unnecessary backtracking and overuse of ink ribbons.

There you have it, fellow survivors. By wisely managing your inventory, becoming intimately familiar with the mansion’s layout, and strategically planning your saves, you can smartly navigate the heart-stopping adventures of Resident Evil Remastered. Use these tips to help you make the most of your resources while ensuring you never lose vital progress. Remember, every smart saved game is another step closer to surviving the mansion’s horrors. Until next time, happy gaming!

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