How to Get the Dog Collar And What To Do With It

Dog Collar in Resident Evil Remastered

The Dog Collar is an essential item in Resident Evil Remastered. This item can be found after defeating the dog that appears when you use the Dog Whistle. This guide will help you understand what to do with the Dog Collar once you’ve obtained it.

What To With The Dog Collar

  1. Obtain the Dog Collar: First, make sure you have acquired the Dog Collar. This is done by blowing the Dog Whistle on the mansion’s balcony to attract a specific dog. Killing this dog will drop the collar.
  2. Examine the Collar: With the collar in your inventory, take a moment to examine it. It appears to be an ordinary dog collar at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find a switch on it.
  3. Reveal the Armor Key: Click the switch to reveal the hidden compartment within the collar. This will slide out the Coin (or the “Imitation of a Key” the remake describes it as). Inspecting the Coin further will flip it out into the shape of the Armor Key. This key is critical for progress in the game.
  4. Replace the Real Armor Key: The real Armor Key is located on a pedestal in a deathtrap room. If you pick it up straight away, the ceiling will start to descend and inevitably crush you. Instead, you replace the real key with the imitation key you got from the dog collar. This will deactivate the trap, allowing you to leave safely with the real key.

Congrats! You’ve now successfully used the Dog Collar. The Armor Key unlocks many doors within the mansion, propelling you further into the world of Resident Evil Remastered. Happy gaming!

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