Solving the Clock Puzzle in the Dining Room of the Mansion

Solving the Clock Puzzle in the Dining Room

This complete guide will help you through some of the suspenseful moments in the Resident Evil Remastered game as you try to figure out the “clock puzzle” in the mansion’s dining room. However, before you can tackle this puzzle, there are a few preliminary steps you need to take.

The Clock Puzzle

  1. Insert the first emblem to open the grandfather clock: The clock puzzle begins in the dining room. You’ll notice a grandfather clock and above the dining room fireplace, an emblem. Take this emblem and install it into the grandfather clock. This will unlock the clock, allowing manipulation of its hands.
  2. Get the time from the painting: Head to the painting room and examine the art. You will notice that you can take note of the time depicted in the painting – ‘two have run each other through, the path to your destiny will open’. This depicts a short sword piercing a breastplate at a position equivalent to 6 on a clock and a long sword through a head at a similar position to 12.
  3. Set the time on the grandfather clock: Now that you have the time from the painting, you can set this time on the grandfather clock. This is done by adjusting the large (minute) hand to point at VI (6) for the ‘armor’, and the small (hour) hand to point at XII (12) for the ‘head’.
  4. Swap the emblems: Once you set the time, the clock will chime and a secret compartment will open revealing a gold emblem. Replace the original emblem, taken from above the fireplace, with the gold emblem from the clock. To do this, take the gold emblem and the clock door will close again. Now go place the original emblem above the fireplace.
  5. Insert the gold emblem: Once the clock door has closed, you can install the gold emblem where the original one was in the dining room, above the fireplace. This triggers a secret door to open.
  6. Receive the shield key: Upon opening the secret door, you receive the shield key. This key will be useful in other parts of your Resident Evil Remastered adventure!

Successfully completing these steps will grant you access to the pivotal shield key and further adventures in the mansion. Happy gaming!

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