How To Get The Item From The Statue Water Jug

Resident Evil Remastered: How To Get The Item From The Statue Water Jug

Early on during your adventure through the spooky mansion in Resident Evil Remastered, you will find a room to the right of the main entrance hall. In here you will find a bust of a statue holding a water jug above her head. There is a glint of light showing that there is an item inside the jug but it is not possible to reach it. So how do you get up to it?

This one is easy to do but quite tricky to figure out on your own due to the chest of drawers in this room being in a really weird place and seeming like it may not be possible to actually use them to your advantage. This guide will explain how to get the mansion map from the statue.

How to Obtain The Mansion Map

Step 1: Assess the Situation

Upon entering the room, note the contrast between your lofty goal – the Mansion Map tucked in the statue’s jug – and your grounded reality. It seems impossible to fetch, but keep an open mind and glance around the room.

Step 2: Identify Your Instrument

You will notice an antique, wooden chest of drawers sitting nearby, as though waiting to aid you in your cause. Its height matches perfectly with that of the statue’s base, begging to be used as a vintage stepping stool.

Step 3: Shift the Chest of Drawers

Approach the chest of drawers and position yourself at its side. Engage your action command – this could be the A Button, X Button, or a keyboard key depending on your console.

Press and hold it to start pushing the chest toward the statue. Steer clear of hasty manoeuvers and take it slow. After all, there’s no rush in a survival-horror game!

Step 4: Align the Chest of Drawers Correctly

Guide the chest to the statue, making sure to position it directly beneath the water jug. If you make a mistake, don’t fret! Simply adjust your character’s position and realign the chest.

Step 5: Climb and Claim What’s Yours!

Once the chest is positioned just right, nudge your character towards it, and hit the action button one more time to climb atop the chest. Your character should reach out and snag the Mansion Map from the water jug successfully.

You Did It!

Now that wasn’t too tricky, was it? You’ve just proved yourself a deft problem-solver, turning an antique chest of drawers into a makeshift ladder and reaching for the seemingly unreachable. Now, with the Mansion Map in hand, you can continue bravely threading the eerie halls of Resident Evil Remastered, slowly peeling the layers of the mystery around the mansion.

Use this guide as a reminder that sometimes, the keys to survival lie right in your environment – you just need to know how to use them. Until the next challenge, keep surviving and gaming on!

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