Finding the Arrow Head for the Graveyard Tomb Puzzle

Finding the Arrow Head

In Resident Evil Remastered, a crucial puzzle located in the mansion’s graveyard presents a tomb that requires an arrowhead to unlock. This guide will help you locate the arrowhead and successfully solve the tomb puzzle.

Guide to Find the Arrow Head

  1. Discover the Golden Arrow: Your first objective is to find the Golden Arrow, which isn’t too far from the mansion’s dining room. After having obtained the Sword Key, find and unlock the door on the mansion’s eastern side. It brings you to a corridor. Follow the corridor and you’ll find yourself in an outdoor balcony area where you can obtain the Golden Arrow.
  2. Get the Arrow Head: Once you’ve collected the Golden Arrow, examine it in your inventory. The arrowhead attached to the Golden Arrow is what you need to unlock the tomb. By examining the Golden Arrow, you can opt to remove the arrowhead.
  3. Navigate to the Graveyard: Equipped with the Arrow Head, make your way back to the mansion’s main hall and go through the western double doors. This will lead you to the cemetery.
  4. Locate the Tomb: Upon entering the graveyard, locate the tomb that is at the end of the area. It’s notable for its statue displaying a slot where something could be inserted.
  5. Insert the Arrow Head: Approach the tomb and place the arrowhead into the slot. This unlocks the tomb, granting you access to the secrets within.

Congratulations! You now know how to locate the Arrow Head and solve the tomb puzzle in Resident Evil Remastered’s graveyard scene. Be prepared as your journey in the mansion continues. Happy gaming!

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