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Bioshock Survivor Difficulty Cheat

Put off by the thought of having to beat Bioshock on survivor difficulty in order to get the "I Chose The Impossible" trophy/achievement in The Bioshock Collection? Well there is a pretty easy glitch that will allow you to get the trophies for beating the game on survivor difficulty without actually playing the entire gsme on this difficulty.

This glitch will let you play the entire game on easy difficulty and at the very last second (literally) change the difficulty to survivor in order to get all of the trophy and achievements related to completing the game on the hardest difficulty without vita chambers.

To perform this survivor difficulty cheat you need to start a new game on easy difficulty. Play through the entire gsme without using vita chambers. Turn this setting off in the main menu. Once you get to the final boss fight of the game (spoiler ahead) you need to wait until the very last moment. You have defeated Atlas and he is ready to be drained for the final time. When you drain him he will punch you and the screen will go white. At this moment you will need to pause the game and change the difficulty to survivor. Continue on and the final cut scene will roll. You will then unlock all of the difficulty related trophies and achievements for beating Bioshock on survivor and hard difficulty without actually playing the game on these difficulties.

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This will make getting 100% in the trophy or achievement list for Bioshock a lot easier. This has been confirmed to work with all regions of the PS4 and the US version on the PS3. Click here for the full Bioshock trophy guide.

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August 7th, 2017 7:26 pm
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