Bandit Six - Getting 3 Stars On Pacific Whale

3 stars on pacific whale

This is the final mission in the tower defence style game mode of Bandit Six and it is by far the most difficult to get 3 stars in. Not because it is difficult, but simply because there are not enough enemies in the level for you to easily get the score requirement needed to get 3 stars on the Pacific Whale level.

To complete this level you must defend the ships while taking down the other enemies on the map. The main issue we have here is that the machine guns are about the only useful weapons here and we can only have 2 of them, so we need to be careful about where to place them. I have put a video guide at the end of this, but I understand this will only be helpful for certain elements of this guide.

Gun Placement

This is the most important part. The thing to know here is that AI controlled machine guns are good, but they have a small range. The AI controlled artillery gun is good, but also takes requires enemies to be quite close before it will fire. The mortar gun is completely useless here as there is almost no land, so don’t even bother with it. In order from left to right place the turrets in the following order.

  1. Artillery gun
  2. Machine gun
  3. Artillery gun
  4. Machine gun

This will give you a nice even mixture of both weapon types. For the game, you MUST place yourself at weapon 2 as this is the way you will destroy most enemies. The AI may take out some enemies here and there, with artillery gun 1 being the best-placed one for taking out the boats. This gives you time to work on the flying enemies.


This is not as critical as before, but it is still important to select the correct power-ups. For both artillery guns, use the following power ups.

  1. Double barrel
  2. Cooldown

These 2 powerups let your gun shoot faster and the cooldown is less meaning you can fire more often. Since this is a slow firing weapon, these 2 power-ups greatly increase the performance of this gun. The second set of powerups are for the machine guns. For machine guns use

  1. Double barrel
  2. Explosive Shot

Since the machine guns are critical here, being able to fire faster and do more damage is perfect. There is one optional change you can use in this. There are a few times in the level where there are not enough enemies for you to be able to continue your streak and as a result, you will lose it. Maintaining this streak is the only way to reach the max score required to get 3 stars on Pacific Whale. You can use the combo extender perk on gun 2 (the one you need to use) as a way to keep the combo going for a little longer and hopefully keep it at 10 for as long as possible.

Attack Strategy

There isn’t much to focus on here. The fast planes give the most points here and can be blown up very fast. The choppers give 75 which is 25 less than the planes. Aim to use the boats and the choppers as a way to boost your score and get the multiplier to 10. Once you are at 10, take out the planes for the maximum amount of points. It is highly unlikely you will fail this level or even lose a gun, so don’t worry too much about the enemies that are attacking you.

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