Free Donuts Guide

Free Donuts

Donuts are the premium currency used in Simpsons: Tapped Out. Like most free to play games, donuts are sold in various overpriced batches. For those who want to spend $100 on a truckload of donuts that saves you 2 hours, then by all means do. For most people, however, the cost of donuts is absolutely crazy and we are going to look for methods to get free donuts in Tapped Out.

As far as games like this go, Tapped Out is quite generous when it comes to giving players donuts for free. If you play your cards right and do not waste them speeding up quests and buildings, you should be able to obtain enough donuts to purchase most of the main buildings and characters that require donuts to buy them.

Methods For Free Donuts

Spending money is the main thing you want to avoid but there are some very cheap methods to allow you to get free donuts going forward that I will mention below. For everything else, this guide will give you some tips to get free donuts. The section below will give you some helpful tips to get them in a more efficient way than the in game store.

Join The Simpsons Tapped Out Discord

I don’t know how they do it, but when you join the discord channel for The Simpsons Tapped Out, you will get 1000 free donuts, just for joining. I have verified this myself and I did indeed get the 1000 free donuts. There is even a thread for proof that shows all of the stuff that people get.

This discord is active again and the total free donuts has been increased from 500 to 1000.

“This is once again, a free working method once again to receive donuts in game, and has even been increased to 1000 from the regular 500. We have no intention of stopping this in the future”

500 free donuts in tapped out
The discord channel will give all new members 500 donuts instantly. There are loads of other ways to get even more without having to pay too.

On top of the newcomer bonus, there are several giveaways in the form of raffles, trivia and even a slots game where you can win donuts, land tokens and various other goodies for this game. If you are serious about this game, joining this discord should be the first priority on your list as it will give you back a lot of really valuable stuff in return.

Daily Challenge Bonus Donuts

There is a daily challenge system where you will have to complete a certain task and you will get a reward for it. Get 5 people to buy food from the quick E mart and you will get a bonus. Sometimes the bonus is cash but most often it is donuts. If you complete 5 challenges there is an additional bonus which usually comes in the form of donuts. You will be doing most of the stuff these challenges require you to do anyway so this is almost a method of getting free donuts without actually having to go to a whole lot of effort to get them.

free donut daily challenges
The daily challenges are a great way to get some free donuts by simply doing things you would normally do in the game anyway.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events are triggered for things like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With these events, you will get a new quest line with lots of new activities to take on to keep you busy. These events will often result in donuts being given as rewards for hitting various milestones along the event. These events are generally a lot of fun, so it is never a chore to complete them. Try not to let these events pass you by as they are quite valuable for a whole range of reasons.

Level Up Bonus

Each time you level up in-game, you should get a number of bonus donuts as a reward for your efforts. It is hard to level up on-demand of course but it is a steady supply of donuts that you can rely on being rewarded as you progress.

Alternative Methods For Getting Donuts In Tapped Out

The methods listed below don’t fall under the “free donut” category but they are a worthy consideration due to the fact that they are considerably cheaper than any of the donut offerings from EA in the tapped out store.

Lard Lad Donut Factory

This is an unusual structure for a game like this. Every 24 hours, this structure will produce 6 donuts. You don’t get much better than this. The catch is that you need to purchase the structure with real money. It is very cheap, however. You can purchase 400 donuts and this structure for £3.99. May not be ideal for a guide where you were hoping to get lots of free donuts and not have to pay a single penny, but it is a thing that is worth mentioning. Head over to the donut store on the Simpsons: Tapped Out Discord channel and you can purchase this along with a range of other amazing structures that will make this game super easy to play.

lard lad donut factory
The donut factory is a premium item in Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is one of the most valuable to own for those who want to get donuts without having to pay any money…although, you will have to likely pay for the building itself.

Alternate Donut Marketplace

I have no idea how they do this, but there is actually an alternative marketplace for donuts in Simpsons: Tapped Out. Not only are the prices drastically cheaper, but you also get very rare and highly useful bonus structures with every purchase. Join the discord to get your 500 free donuts and then you can use this store to purchase more. For £3.99 you can get a total of 900 donuts and the lard lad donut building. Pretty good deal if this is the only thing you ever purchase with this game.


  1. Why would you pay cash for stuff when you could get it free from r/freedonuts?
    That discord is a fraud and a joke.
    They break players towns with their mod and lie to their members that they have to pay.
    The free donuts is just to lure you in so you’ll eventually pay for stuff.

  2. Can you get me 4202092200228290202392020023939 donuts

  3. Can you give me 5000 donuts, please.

  4. I don’t feel comfortable giving my EA acct password out to the discord channel to get free donuts.

  5. Can you let me have donut? I want 100000000000000000000000000 dount

  6. Can I have 10000000 donuts

  7. I’m actually a member of that discord and the sub reddit. The discord people haven’t broken a single game. I’ve purchased several things from them and it’s always fine. Everyone there is happy. I don’t know where these allegations are coming from. People need to stop being petty and creating drama.

  8. Stop asking for ridiculous amounts of donuts, just ask for five donuts, or better yet, no donuts!

  9. Have anybody ever got the 500 donuts free

  10. The disord is a lie I downloaded the app and followed the instructions and it’s banned now this is all bs

    • No need to be an emotional child. Why would i fake all of this stuff? Go get mommy to change your nappy

  11. I know you guys probably already heard this but just tap on homer 10 times real quick and you get a Jebediah Springfield statue and 10 donuts

  12. I think what you guys are doing is pretty cool I’m not asking for anything I was just reading all the crazy comments about how many donuts people want but I love this game unfortunately I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars but definitely want to join this site with you guys thank you very much

  13. What is the username# or email to join discord

  14. Hello I play the simsion tapped out game and I need help and need friends please add me my name is Huggins33 please I need help with my City

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