How To Get Hell Peppers

hell peppers

Hell peppers are going to be something that will pop up on your radar later on in the game. To visit hell, you will need heat resistance 1000 and to make good heat resistance potions, you will be needing some hell peppers. Hell peppers are also required to get up a world tier. The big question is how do you get hell peppers?

Having spent some time roaming around Hell Island, I found no peppers but the key is to know what to look for and where to look for it. If you are at hell island, keep an eye out for the sort of magma skull structures, you will find the hell peppers inside.

Where Do Hell Peppers Grow?

where to find hell peppers
The skull structures house lots of orcs and bad guys on top of the hell peppers

Hell peppers do grow in hell, but they only grow in a very specific part of the island. The image above will show you where to go. Look out for the skull structures on the map. They don’t look too much like skulls in the magma land but they are the same things as the stone skulls on regular islands. There will be a bunch of baddies around so come prepared to fight or run! The video below will show you exactly where to go. 

Once you are inside one of the skulls, you will spot some hell peppers growing around the place. There are normally 2 or 3 plants growing inside here. Quickly harvest them and run. Sometimes the plants do drop seeds, but I have yet to figure out how to grow them. If anyone knows, please leave a comment below explaining how to do it.

where hell peppers grow
The hell pepper plants are quite small but they are was to spot due to the dark red color

The peppers will be in every skull so try and visit them whenever you can to ensure you obtain enough of the peppers to get up to the next world tier.


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    Big thanks to your helpful information. It was quite useful in my endeavors. In response to your question on how to grow more Hell Peppers. You’ll need to craft a “Planter” (holds one plant) or a “Medium Sized Planter” (holds 2 plants). These planters work in the same way that a wheat field does. Although these hold very few plants, a bonus to these planters is that once you plant a seed in the planter it will keep producing the same plant after harvesting without having to replant a new seed every time. You can also grow other herbs, especially those that are required for making potions in these planters (i.e. red herb, yellow herb, etc). I hope this helps you as much as you have helped me!

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