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No matchmaking for Division 2 raid! Thats sucks

I played the shit out of Division 2 when I first got it. I never played the first game so it was...
Destiny 2 Trolling

Destiny 2 Stopped Being Fun At Level 260

I never played the first Destiny game, so I really got into Destiny 2 when I first played it. The game is absolutely brilliant,...
Wolfenstein Logo

Wolfenstein Multiplayer Should Be Revived

Wolfenstein is one of the longest running first person shooter franchises there is. It first released in a time when actually getting a first...

Bioshock 2 HD Collection Drops Multiplayer Trophies

I have been looking forward to the Bioshock HD Collection as I loved the games, but never ended up paying for the DLC at...

Xbox One Can Now Play Online With PS4

For years this has been something that everyone has always wanted and complained about. If you own a Playstation and your friend owns an...


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