How do you host an online multiplayer game?


I'm not sure if it is my connection or just hosts being assholes, but I'm constantly getting dropped from games when the host leaves. I want to be able to host my own game so I can at least finish some games without needing to worry that the host will drop out as soon as we start to get close to killing Jason.

Friday the 13th: The Game

This definitely sucks and is one if the more annoying things about Friday the 13th. Hosting your own game is possible but a little more tricky. Here are the 2 possible ways to host your own game.

  1. Setup a private lobby and invite friends or others that you know want to play. By doing this you become the host of the game.
  2. Keep going through matchmaking until you are placed into an empty lobby. When you are the only player in the lobby it means you are the host. Once others join you can start the game and you should remain the host.