Tallneck: The Stand of The Sentinels

The Stand of The Sentinels

The Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck is one of the more challenging Tallnecks in the game. It is likely you will stumble your way down here a little sooner than you probably should and find yourself in a rather bitter fight against the enemies in the area, who are determined to make your journey to the top of the tallneck as painful as possible.

There are three to four stalkers roaming the area. They have invisibility cloaks which they only turn off when they are about to attack. The high powered laser on their back which can kill you in a single blast is also nothing to snuff your nose up at. The general rule here is to kill them first or just stay off the ground.

How To Climb the Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck

To get started, head into the centre of the area the Tallneck is patrolling. You will spot a ladder that you can climb up to keep you safe from the stalkers below.

first climb point to get onto tree house
This is the first point to climb onto the trees. There will be a broken bridge and you will need to get across

Make your way to the far end of the platform and you will end up quite close to the tallneck, but not enough to be able to climb on top. There will be another tree platform across from you but it looks slightly out of reach. If you use your echo pulse, you will see that there are some yellow fixings on the tree that you can grab onto.

dropping ladders down
The first jump will require you to aim for the studs in the tree branch as the ladder needs to be knocked down manually.

Glide over and latch onto these. Following the path they set out, you will be able to make your way on top of this platform. As with the previous platform, however, you will still be unable to climb onto the tallneck. You will need to make it to the other side of the path instead.

Getting over will require you to jump onto the tallnecks back. There are not enough fins on the back for you to climb up to its head, so you will have to use it as a stepping stone to get over to the other side of the road, where there are additional platforms you will need to climb.

While you are doing this, keep an eye out for ladders that can be kicked down. This will save you from having to run the long way around to get back to where you were if you happen to fall down.

ladder shortcut
Once you climb to a new area, you will be able to kick down a ladder to make it faster to get back to where you were if you fall

Keep following the path around the trees, it should be fairly obvious from here and you will end up at a treehouse where there are two large enemies, I can’t remember the names anymore. Rumblers or something. Kill these, or bypass them if you are quick enough to climb the nearby ladder which will finally allow you to reach a platform tall enough to jump onto the tallnecks head.

Leap over to the highest part of the tallneck you can reach, you won’t need a glider for it. Climb up to the head and you are good to go. Might even get some XP when the stalkers below are killed from the electric pulse given off by the tallneck.

jump to tallneck head
The general path is fairly easy once you get over the first hurdle. Keep going until you reach the point where you can jump to the tallnecks head
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