Returning the favor find the panel stuck??


I have arrived at the shelter and I can see where the panel is but I don’t know how to get to it. Whenever I walk near the gate I get electrocuted so I can’t seem to do anything that allows me to get Inside the main gates where I can actually find the panel to interact with. 

I tried returning to the mall so I could take the secret tunnel back to the safe house but it was disabled and wouldn’t allow me through.

Returning the favor find the panel stuck
Dead Rising 4

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1 Answer

locknloaded -

Maybe you have to kill the zombies in the area or something to stop the electric fence giving you too much trouble. I was able to just walk up to the main gates and open them up as you would with any other safe house in the game. So it could be a bug that may go away if you leave the area and come back or maybe restart the game if nothing else works. The gates should open as normal and let you into the yard where the panel is

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