How to Escape the bobbies at the start of we all fall down?


I have started the We all fall down DLC for we happy few. I have the whip and endless bobbies are coming after me. I have shoved 3 of them and it’s telling me that I need to escape them. I’ve tried all the doors and I can’t use the whip for anything more. How are you meant to escape them? Has the game glitches on me?

How to Escape the bobbies at the start of we all fall down
We Happy Few: We All Fall Down

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SteveSickle89 -

It’s not glitched, don’t worry. It is a bit of a tough one to solve. From the joy booth turn right and go up to the end of the road. To the left you will find an open window that you can jump through. This is how you escape the bobbies. Killing them won’t do much as it is an infinite spawn. Kill the group and you will just have one left to deal with.

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