Glitch with Gulo's audio diary quest


I have found Gulo’s body and extracted the device from her. It has played but the quest never completed. I never paid much attention at the time. Whenever I fast travel the recording starts playing again. I assumed if I did a reset of the system it would fix this so I pressed on doing quests and other things in the area. Seems now I have no more quests available other than this one and I am unable to complete the objective.

I have tried restarting the system. Tried going back to the quest location. I’ve listened to the recording by going into the quest and pressing triangle to view intel. This plays the recording until the end but nothing happens. I’m not sure what else I can do. It seems like this is a game breaking bug.

Only thing that might be the cause is that I died while the recording was playing the first time. I ran out to the roof as the recording was playing and fell off and died. When I reloaded it played the recording again but I guess it never registered as being completed.

Glitch with Gulos audio diary quest
Rage 2

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