Where To Find Charlies Minicom

Where To Find Charlies Minicom

As part of the questline to kill Charlie under “Condition Detachment” you will be asked to find Charlies Minicom inside his game castle. The structure is quite large and a total mess which makes it hard to locate anything inside his game. Here is how to find Charlies Minicom.

Quest Description: Charlie’s Admin minicom has special privileges. It’s contents should reveal how to kill Charlie, And if I’m a lucky, a few others.

Location of Charlies Minicom

Charlies Minicom is on the top floor of the building. It is in the maintenance room that is linked to his bedroom. Check out the video below to show how to get to Charlie’s Minicom or follow the written instructions below.

  1. Go up the stairs to the top floor of the building where Charlie’s Room is
  2. When charlie escapes, he will open a secret door from his green box of a room into a workshop style room.
  3. In the middle of this room, you will see a bench in the middle of the room
  4. Look for a yellow coloured terminal with a wire coming down
  5. Interact with this computer as this is the minicom.

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