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The Legend of Zelda games have always allowed you to pick a custom name for your save file. This name would then be used when characters in the game spoke to you. This made for some pretty hilarious situations where someone would be able to sneak something inappropriate past the filter. If you don’t want to use your name but would rather something different, this Zelda name generator will be useful for you.

While these names may not fit for a save file on your next playthrough of a Zelda game, they can be used to generate a cool Zelda themed name for a forum profile or online account for a gaming site.

Clicking the button below will generate a random username that is based around some terms and names from the Legend of Zelda universe. The algorithm is completely random. Keep pressing the button and it will come up with a random name for you.


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Rito Name Generator: This generator helps you craft names for both male and female Rito characters, a species from “The Legend of Zelda” franchise known for their agility and role as guardians of the skies. It’s particularly relevant for those looking to immerse themselves deeply in the Zelda universe and create a unique Rito character​​.

JRPG Character Name Generator: While not directly related to Zelda, this generator is ideal for fans of Japanese RPGs, a genre closely associated with Zelda-like games. It offers a wide range of distinctive names for characters in JRPGs, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to craft the perfect identity for their in-game characters​​.

Nintendo Online Username Generator: This generator is particularly fitting for Zelda fans as it combines random words with Nintendo-specific terms, including items and characters from major Nintendo video games. It’s great for creating a unique but not too specific online username for Nintendo networks​​.

Aarakocra Name Generator: For fans of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, this generator offers names that bring back memories of the Rito tribe, a bird-like race in the game. It provides unique and immersive names for those looking to incorporate a bit of the Rito tribe’s essence into their own fantasy games or stories​​.

Knight Name Generator: If you’re drawn to the themes of courage, honor, and nobility present in “The Legend of Zelda,” this Knight Name Generator will be a valuable resource. It combines historical, mythological, and fantasy elements to produce unique and memorable names for knight characters, suitable for various fantasy settings and games​​.

Name Ideas Based on The Legend of Zelda

The generator above will keep coming up with lots of random Zelda name ideas for you. Here are some of the cool names that have been suggested. You can mix these with your own ideas or with other suggestions that the tool has come up with

  • Zombie Jabu-Jabu
  • The Rupee Thief
  • Ocarina Shaman
  • Daruks Hellhound
  • The Hylian Whispers
  • The Goron Ghoul
  • The Mipha Moon
  • Boko Falcon
  • Urbosas Warhammer
  • The Tingle Gangster

As one of the greatest and most long running video game franchises of alll time, this tool should remain usefull for quite some time. As future games get released, I can keep the tool upated with new words and references from future games. If anyone feels there is additional content that can be added to improve this, please let me know

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