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sun name generator

When it comes to a sun, most people immediately think of “THE” sun. The one that we live closest to. Suns are actually names given to stars that have planets that orbit them. When working on some Sci-Fi stories, suns are going to be an essential part of any kind of space travel. The sun name generator below will help you out with lots of name ideas that work well for a sun.

A sun is essentially a giant ball of fire. The reactions going onside its core produce a massive amount of heat and radiation which are enough to support life on planets that surround them, assuming other conditions on that planet are met of course. If you are working on building an entire solar system, check out this planet name generator where you can get lots of name ideas for suns and other planet types in one place.

To get started with some names for suns, check out the tool below. Clicking the button will give you a new selection of name ideas. There are a huge number of name ideas, lots of which are based on words for heat and other sun-like properties that make them sound hot.

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Star Name Generator

A star is another name for a sun. When you look up at the night sky and see little glowing dots, there is a good chance it is a distant star (it could also be a satellite, if it is moving). Any one of those stars could have a number of planets rotating around it. Who knows, maybe even one of this stars is a sun that is providing life giving heat to a nearby planet that we have yet to discover!

If you are working on building up your own space adventure and want a name for suns and stars, the star name generator above (or sun name generator) will give you hundreds of great name suggestions you can use. In order to facilitate this interstellar travel, you are going to need some kind of vehicle. Check out this awesome spaceship name generator to get loads of great name suggestions to use for the ship that will allow you to travel across the stars and into the unknown.

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