Fallout Name Generator

The first time you step into the shoes of a wasteland wanderer in the Fallout universe will be one that you do not forget. The Fallout franchise is one of the most unusual and interesting game universes, although some may find 76 reasons against that.

The Fallout games do not put much emphasis on your characters name like the Zelda games do, but there is still the fun of building your character at the very start.

For those familiar with the games, there is a rich lore and a lot of ideas to use for coming up with the perfect player name. I have tried to gather as many of the people, places, things and interesting references to feed into this tool in order to generate a cool Fallout username.

You can use these wherever you wish. Click on the button below and it will come up with a bunch of random names that you can use for Fallout characters or just usernames on any online profiles relating to the games.

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