Wasteland is considered an area of land that is uninhabitable to humans. The hostile area is usually created as a result of war or some natural disaster that leaves the area in complete ruins and lacking the basic things needed to support life.

In video games, we see wastelands referred to often in post apocalyptic games. Nuclear war will have devastated the land and the player needs to try and survive. The Fallout franchise is one of the most famous games taking place in a wasteland setting.


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Fallout 76 Survival Guide

Fallout 76 is the first entry in the Fallout franchise to be heavily geared to online gameplay. With an online world, players have less control over the difficulty of the game compared to how it was in the past. Since...
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Fallout Name Generator

Fallout games have always allowed the player to build a character from scratch. Whether you are someone who spends hours perfecting your face only to wear a helmet for the rest of the game or you just click random and...