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It’s the end of the world as we know it..or at least it is until the hero comes to save the say. A lot of video games use the end of the world as a main narrative for a game. It doesn’t always have to be an apocalypse in the biblical sense of things. Sometimes it can just be a big bad guy who wants to take over the world.


Death Stranding

Death Stranding Game Guide

Death Stranding is the first game from Hideo Kojima's new studio Kojima productions. Since parting ways with Konami in what appeared to be a...
Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Death Stranding has been shrouded in mystery since we first got a glimpse of it back in 2016. Since then, several trailers have drip...
Seed of Evil Wallpaper

Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil

Seed of Evil picks up where the story left off in base game of Mutant Year Zero. It is quite rare these days to...

Fallout Name Generator

The first time you step into the shoes of a wasteland wanderer in the Fallout universe will be one that you do not forget....