The Lack Of A Playstation Store Wishlist Is Getting Annoying

playstation store wishlist

I tend to check the PlayStation Store on my PS4 every week or so to see if there are any new deals. It is great to see Sony adopting a Steam style strategy to the selling of digital games. However it has gotten a little annoying that I can’t just add games to a wishlist that I hope to buy at a later date. Why can’t we have wishes!

Up until recently I have just been keeping a big list on my phone to keep track of games I want. It is far from ideal, but it stops me from forgetting about anything. I decided to do a quick search and it turns out that the PlayStation store does have a wishlist, but it is only on the web store…what’s that all about? Games from the PlayStation store can’t run on PC, yet there is a wishilst, but nothing on the consoles?

From a software perspective, a wishlist is one of the most simple things you can build with a user database. There is absolutely no reason from a technical perspective that there would be no wishlist, in fact I can’t think of any reasonable excuse for its absence.

Overall the PlayStation store could do with a few updates. The search feature is quite annoying to use, amongst several other small things. The lack of a Playstation store wishlist  should really be addressed. It is one of the things I like about steam and is also the leading driver behind me buying games. Getting the notification to tell you that a game on your wishlist is on sale is great. It means they get my money when they might have otherwise missed out. From a business perspective, a game wishlist should be on the development teams wishlist.

Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t bother me, but I have found that I’m spending more money on small indie games and less on the annual garbage from Activision and Ubisoft. With the small advertising budgets for the indie games, it’s easy to forget about them. Having to check the wishlist on my phone, be it using my current system or the web store and then going to the console to purchase and download is an unnecessary inconvenience. It certenately makes shopping on the PlayStation store a lot slower.

I understand people will likely respond with, why don’t you just do this or do that etc. There are work arounds for anything, but this shouldn’t really be an issue. It’s like Spotify not having the ability to create playlists. It doesn’t break anything, but it would be inconvenient for you to keep track of your music without them. I will hold out hope that there is an update in the works to add a PlayStation Store wishlist.


  1. I’ve had my PS4 Pro for a day now and this is already driving me nuts. I spent a few days before I got it just browsing the web store and adding games I liked the look of to my wish list. I got my PS4 yesterday fully expecting to see my wishlist in the store on the console. Only to find it’s not there!!!!! :( To top it off I’m now getting the stupid “Missing charges” error on the web store, so can’t even purchase the games in my wish list there.

    For such a big player in the gaming world Sony really are shite at allowing people to buy games. Surely it’s just basic retail knowledge, you make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a purchase!!

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