PS4 Error CE-30774-1 Causes & Solution


    The Playstation 4 error code CE-30774-1 is a system error that is caused due to a failure to update the system firmware when using a USB stick. This error appears to be specific to the update process via a USB stick. There may be multiple reasons that cause this, but the error message does not disclose the exact details. This can be a difficult one to get around if your system gets caught in an update loop.

    How To Fix Error CE-30774-1

    This error is going to be caused by either the USB stick or the content stored on it. The odds of your PS4 being the cause are very unlikely. To resolve this error you will need to make sure the USB stick is setup correctly. If you are stuck trying to update the PS4 with this error code, you can try the following steps to resolve it.

    1. Re-download the update and copy it over to the USB stick. Make sure to safely remove the stick.
    2. Reformat the USB stick. Make sure to use FAT32.
    3. Make sure the update is in the correct location. The update file should be stored on the memory stick in the following location /PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP
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