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PS4 Error E-82000113 Cause & Fix

This message will appear when you redeem a voucher on the Playstation Network. The message will often appear with the message "Cannot redeem the voucher code". The message is a simple as that, there is an issue with the voucher....
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PS4 Error NW-31201-7 Cause & Fix

If you get the PS4 error NW-31201-7 it means there is some kind of network issue that is preventing you from being able to access the Playstation Network. This is a vague issue and like any network issue, they can...
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PS4 Error CE-32930-7 Cause & Fix

This is a perfect example of an error message that does absolutely nothing to explain what is wrong. The PS4 error code CE-32930-7, is an error that will likely show up as a result of trying to launch a game....
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What Does It Mean To Set A Primary PS4?

If you own more than 1 PlayStation 4 you will likely have encountered the issue of a primary PS4. You may have also heard about it from friends who are looking for free games. The process of setting up a...
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How To Make PS4 Remote Play Faster

This has been a question that has been around since the feature first launched and will likely remain something that will be an issue for a lot of people in the future. Remote play is running slow and you want a...
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How To Use PS Move Controllers With the PSVR

If you have just purchased a PSVR or the PS Move controllers, you might not immediately figure out how they work. The PlayStation doesn't do a great job at explaining it. This is why I have put together this quick...
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Reset PSN Password Without Date Of Birth

I recently ran into a really annoying issue where I had registered for a PSN account and provided a fake Date of Birth (DOB). I have also gone and forgot the password for the account. Part of the password reset...
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Faking Amiibos Using An Android Phone

Amiibo's are plastic figures based on games released for Nintendo consoles. These highly collectible figures also contain a little chip in the base of each model that allows users to unlock special bonuses when they are used with specific games...
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How To Take Apart A Dualshock 4 Controller

Generally speaking, the Dualshock 4 is fairly sturdy and there aren't too many reasons that it would need to be repaired. In the event that you want to make some cosmetic changes or fix something that is broken inside, this...
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How To Setup The PSVR With The PS4

The PlayStation VR headset comes with its fair share of wires and connections that need to be sorted out before you can begin playing any VR games on the PlayStation 4. This video guide from IGN will show you how to setup...


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