Albrich Island Nornir Chest Guide

Albrich Island Nornir Chest

This one takes a bit of thinking to get your head around at first. Here is how so unlock the Nornir chest on Albrich Island in God of War Ragnarok.

There are two main obstacles. The first is one where you must shoot a wooden poll with stun arrows in order to drop the gong down to a level where you can hit it with the axe.

The Second part is a paddle that you must spin around to raise the gong high enough for you to throw the leviathan axe at it. Since this is the timed part of the puzzle, you should be aiming to hit this one first. Raise the pole as high as it can go and hit the gong. Then you can quickly turn around and hit the other two which are not that difficult to get to.

If you need some help on this one, check out the video guide below to see how to unlock the Nornir chest on Albrich Island.

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