How To Get Boat To Durlins Office

boat to durlins office

When you reach the Inn, you will speak with a guy playing a guitar thing and after a quick chat, the quest objective will change to “Boat to Durlins Office”. I found this one hard to find. The objective was not nearly clear enough to explain where to go next. Maybe I didnt pay enough attention but if this objective as part of the quest for Tyr catches you out, here is how to solve it.

You should not go back out the door you came in. Instead, you need to look to the back of the inn and you will see a very small door. The objective does not appear above it until you get quite close to it, which is why it is easy to miss.

Can’t Interact With Door in Pub

This is the door you need to go through to get to durlins office but it can sometimes glitch out and you will find that you are unable to interact with it to proceed.

boat to durlins office
This is the door you need to go through to get the boat to durlins office but it can sometimes glitch out

You can attempt some of the following steps to try and get around this problem until it is more than likely fixed in a future patch for God of War Ragnarok.

  1. Restart recent checkpoint and try interacting with the door again.
  2. Leave the pub through the door you came and then go back into the pub again to interact with the door.
  3. Exit the game and then load it back up again.

If these do not fix the issue for you, please drop a comment below and we can all try to work out additional solutions together.

Where Is The Boat To Durlins Office

You will need to head through the back door of the pub, shown in the video and picture above. This will lead you down the path marked in red in the image below. The door can often glitch out, making it difficult to actually get to the boat. The steps above may help you fix the issue.

where to get boat to durlins office
You need to exit through the other side of the pub to get to the boat but this is often glitched


  1. What am I doing wrong that I can’t even interact with the guy playing guitar??

    • I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, you may have encountered a more broken version of this bug. Try reloading the checkpoint or even the game, same steps as above really. This may be enough to fix the issue for you.

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