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Days Gone Interactive Collectable Maps - Collectable Guides

The landmarks and points of interest are marked on the map when you take over bandit camps which makes these collectables very easy to locate. Because of this, I don't see the point in making a guide for this as you will need to take over the camps to get the platinum anyway.

If you are trying to get all of the trophies, you will only need to collect 75% of the collectables in the game. This is great news as some of them are a total balls to have to locate. Anyway, without talking for anymore, here are the links to the collectable maps for days gone.

All of these can be used without needing a login, all you need to do is double click, or use the controls to mark off locations on the map and you can easily keep track of your progress.

Intel Collectable Map

RIP Sermon Location Map

Tourism Collectabe Map

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