Niflheim Mist Echo Farming Guide - God of War

Niflheim Mist Echo Farming Guide

If you have just arrived in Niflheim then you have quite a bit of grinding ahead of you if you want to get the best armor set in God of War. Getting a large amount of mist echos in can be a really tedious task. However, this guide will show you the best way I have found to obtain Mist Echos to save you a lot of time. Collecting enough of these echos will allow you to unlock all of the treasure chests in the workshop which is required for the Darkness and Fog trophy. Read over the Niflheim Mist Echo farming guide below to see the fastest way to get them.

Fastest Way To Get Mist Echos

The most important thing that you need to understand when you are collecting mist echos is how they are generated. You will notice that the first chest you open might contain 50-200 echos and toward the end of your run they could have 1000s. This happens based on a sort of multiplier system. For each chest you open, the multiplier increases.

You will also find that the small wooden chests give a much smaller amount of mist echos when compared to the larger gold chests. This is where the farming method comes in to play. If opening a chest increases the multiplier and some chests hold more echos than others, then it makes sense to open the small chests first to increase the multiplier and then open the large ones to get the maximum amount.

By following this strategy I was able to get 6000-8000 echos per run and if you want to sell the items you find (which I do not recommend) you could get over 10’000 echos each time around. Follow the steps below to make the echo farming as fast as possible.

  1. Memorise the 3 blue symbols on the chest in the start area. Keeping an eye out for the target to set the glyph while running around (see the video).
  2. Open all of the small wooden chests and the redish stone coffins while you do your first lap of the maze. Ignore ALL golden chests. Also ignore the blue glyph chest when you come across it for now.
  3. Once you get back to the central area, where you started you should have unlocked all of the smaller chests that have spawned in the Niflheim maze. Now it is time to unlock the gold chests.
  4. Do a second lap around the maze, this time opening all of the gold chests and the blue glyph chests. You should be getting large amounts of mist echos from each chest you unlock.
  5. If you are running low on time near the end, make your way up to the workshop area as it is a shorter path to get here.
  6. Check out the video below for a more detailed guide on everything I have explained here.

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