Neon Abyss Beginners Guide

The bright lights of the Neon Abyss are eye-catching. As soon as you get your hands on it, you are going to want to explore and start kicking ass. Roguelite games aren’t rocket science, but there are a few caveats to this game that are worth knowing about in order to make the most of your experience. This beginners guide is worth reading before you play to give you some useful tips for surviving in Neon Abyss. 

Look out for Hidden Rooms

Hidden rooms always contain something worthwhile. It is a luck of the draw how good it might be, sometimes it can be a real game-changer for your chances of success. You can find them by looking at the walls in the levels. A secret room can be found by looking for a golden glow with little flakes coming from a crack in the wall. Throw a grenade at this to blow it open and be able to go inside.

You can also find these a hell of a lot easier if you find the lidless eye powerup. This will expose the entire map, showing you all of the hidden areas and will automatically have all of the walls blown open too. 

The Starting Weapon is One of the Best

It is easy to get attracted to a guitar that shoots cool music notes in all directions, or a trumpet that shoots bouncy bullets. These can often work out well, depending on the scenario. More often than not, these weapons will be great until you get to the final boss and you will get your ass handed to you.

Weapon drops are quite rare to find randomly. You will have to go to a store to change the one you have. Since I found the starting weapon to be the best once you get some good powerups to increase the damage and maybe even make it shoot more projectiles at once. If you swap it for something else and move on, it can be hard to get it back without starting over. 

The Gold Triangle Doors Are Essential

Keys can be something you have lots of or are scraping to find, it is all down to luck. If you come across a golden door with the golden triangle, make sure you use a key to get in. These rooms have a power-up in them and the more of these you get, the better chance you will have at killing the final boss of the stage that you are on. Never pass one of these doors by. 

Use the Pink Crystals as Often as You Can

Pink crystals are fairly common, you can use them to unlock doors to the shop, chests and to clear those large diamond things that turn red when you shoot them. You will notice a meter filling up at the bottom right of the screen. If you are spending a lot of crystals, it will fill up purple, if you are causing the pink doors to go red, it will start to fill up red. Once it fills, you will get a message to say that there is a strange sound coming from afar. This means you have unlocked a special room

The red room will cause you to lose a heart in exchange for a power-up. The pink room will give it to you without taking a heart. Since the crystals are common, it is best to spend them. I spent a lot of time just leaving them behind when I could have been cashing in on this easy source of items. 

Don’t Hoard Coins

Like they say in the real world, you can’t take it with you when you are gone! The same is true for this game. The difference here is you will die a lot. No point in hitting a game over with 800 coins in your pocket. Make sure to go to the store as often as you can to at least purchase the power-up if nothing else. 

Should you spend money on the fruit machine?

I have mixed feelings about these. Whenever I used them, it would often give you a match after 3 or 4 turns max. If you have a lot of coins it can be worth the risk. The main problem is the reward is hardly ever worth the cost. Make sure you can see what is on the other side first and make the decision based on this.

Game Rooms are worth it if you don’t mind Spending the Time

You will often spot rooms that have a classic game controller stick above them. These game rooms will contain a mini-game like the piano jumping game. Playing it costs coins and completing it successfully will give you a power-up. It is worth it if you are good at them, but there is no point in draining all of your coins for them to come out with nothing. Try a few and find the ones you like and are good at. If you really want to complete this game, you can try get good at the ones you are bad at. The investment of the time is up to you. 

Change Difficulty At The Bar

The difficulty can get quite punishing at times. If you have had enough and just want to beat the game, you can change the difficulty at the bar. If you are finding it too easy, you can also make it harder. The game is set to normal by default.

To change the difficulty, go to the bar and go left instead of right. You will see a smiley face neon light on the wall. Interact with it to change the difficulty of the game.

the bar
To the left of this image you can see the face with “Normal” above it. This is where you go to change the games dificulty.
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